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Top 5 tips to choose a reliable limo service in Las Vegas

Choosing the perfect limo service in a city like Las Vegas can be quite a tiring job. There are so many types and organizations to choose from and more than often you are left confused. In this case, you need to do your homework really well. Here are a few tips that will help you select the right service for your requirements.

  1. Check the references and referrals

When you are hiring a limo service in this city, check out different review websites. You would agree with me that the best way to learn about a company is to know what their previous customers have to say about their services. Since they have already travelled with the agency before, they can provide you with an unbiased insight into the kind of service you can expect from the organization.

  1. Referrals

Referrals are another good way of finding about a particular limo service. If they have been into the business for several years, chances are high that people have heard of them through word of mouth. You may ask your colleague, friend, or family members about their experiences with this service provider. Believe it or not, a firsthand referral always works well in choosing a vehicle provider in an unknown city.

  1. Cost

Cost definitely plays a big role while hiring a service. Some limousine companies are transparent with their dealings; however, at times you will come across organizations that will add multiple fees to their base rates thereby multiplying the cost several times. These additional charges are extracted from the customers in various forms like fuel charges, administration charges, driver’s gratuity, toll taxes, parking fees, etc. When you communicate with the agency, always make sure that the price you pay is inclusive of all the costs and no sudden announcements of extra costs will be entertained by you at the time of payment.

  1. Safety

Your safety is priceless and cannot be compromised at any cost. While opting for a Las Vegas limo service, ensure that your chosen company is legally certified to operate in the city. Also check if they have their liability insurance in place. Third, you must make sure that their chauffeurs are professionally trained and have valid driver’s licenses.

  1. In person review

If you are hiring a vehicle for a specific function like a wedding ceremony or engagement party, it is better to review the condition of the vehicle that you wish to hire. It cannot be more embarrassing to be picked up in an old vehicle or one that is in a very poor condition with the paint coming out and dents being visible everywhere. Often the service providers show perfect pictures of their vehicles but later on when you actually see the vehicle, the reality is far from truth. Hence, it is always great to check the vehicle in person and confirm that the one that you are seeing is the one you will actually get on your big day.

Four Major Styles of Limousines to Hire

Limousines to Hire

Las Vegas is a city famous for its cafe bars and large casinos, but also for its sundry limousine options. Las Vegas limo rentals are available to make your business trip or vacations more splendid. Limousines are often a choice for high profile people and show wealth and power. People often choose it for their business trips. But there are also some other types that make it in high demand for parties well. Limo is undoubtedly the highest form of transport with different amenities and space. Some most popular limousine models are discussed below; you can rent the one that suits your trip/vacations needs.


Sedan is the most reasonable of the Las Vegas limo rentals. This is the best choice for business tours. You can rent it at affordable rates. The Sedan can accommodate two to three people. It can be used as a cab and can take you from the airport to your destination place. In Las Vegas, it’s commonly used for airport service. In other words it’s a more stylish alternative to traditional cabs available at airport. Lincoln Town car can fit in this category. Sedan provides a long door that allows extra leg room as well as a choice of passenger controlled internal audio setting. Check this articles for other related information.


Las Vegas limo rentals also include Stretch Limousines. These limos can bring some extra elegance and touch to your business trip. Unlike sedans, stretch can accommodate more people and is more luxurious. Its size and standard varies. Some stretch limousines add up to 4, 6 or 8 passengers. A normal stretch limo is full of different amenities such as tinted windows, luxurious seating, built in bars and privacy dividers. Conversational seating adds to the comfort. Because of its amenities offerings, its renting cost is also somewhat higher to that of the sedan.

Super Stretch:

Whether you are hanging out with friends or family, or attending some business meeting, super stretch limousine can be your utmost choice. Las Vegas limo rentals rents this limousine as a Hummer, Excursions, Bentley and Town Car. These all limos are full of amenities and can accommodate 12 to 20 people easily. They are similar to standard stretch limo but more luxurious. Many limousines falling in this category offer different features that you will find nowhere else such as exotic lighting, TVs and bars.

Limousines to Hire

Party Bus:

This limousine is in a larger size and can accommodate around 25 to 45 people. It’s also available in different layouts and sizes with different amenities. As the name suggests these limos are designed keeping the element of entertainment in mind. It includes different dance poles, sound systems and lighting. Visit the official website at


Have Fun Driving Around Las Vegas in a Limousine

Driving Around Las Vegas in a Limousine

Every year you want to spend your holidays with your family or friends at some different place. This time planning for Las Vegas is ideal. This city is full of casinos famous all around the world. Moreover you will also find some other places in this city where you can go and enjoy the views. Those people who have decided to spend their vacations in Las Vegas should remember that there is a lot of travelling involved. Obviously you can’t take your car out there. But you will find so many Las Vegas limo rentals. These are ready to provide you limousines at very reasonable rentals. You can drive by yourself, but if you want you can ask for a driver to chauffeur you around the town.

Car rental companies in Las Vegas:

Apart from Las Vegas limo rentals, there are also several companies that offer cars to make your vacations more special. You can pick one car rental company in the city. However, it’s better to check around because some rental companies offer relatively low rates. There are a variety of vehicle options from party bus rentals to exotic and sports car rentals. You can select one model according to your need, desire and money. Get detailed information at this website.

Rolls Royce Limousine and some other cars:

There are some famous car rental companies around the city. Such companies provide excellent services that you will find nowhere else. If you desire the most luxurious car, you can pick the 1987 model of Rolls Royce Limousine in Las Vegas. This model is the choice for many high profile people around the world. Remember that not all the Las Vegas limo rentals provide this model to you, only a few.

People always have cherished driving a limousine in the Las Vegas. Now their dream can come true and they get a luxurious Rolls Royce Silver Spur limousine, model 1987. This fantastic car can accommodate six people. Almost all those people who want to make their vacations memorable and enjoyable can get this car. It will help you to travel to casinos and other attractions of the city.

Driving Around Las Vegas in a Limousine

You will enjoy luxury at a very affordable price. As discussed above, by paying some additional charges, you can hire a driver as well who will take you everywhere in the city. Moreover, Reagan would also be a good choice if it’s available for rent. Get the latest news at

Las Vegas limo rentals are vast in number. To enjoy the beauty of the city, take the most suitable luxurious limousine for you. Only some rental companies can offer you cars at affordable rates. So get assistance to make the best choice.

Prom Limo Rentals: Get a deal with these booking secrets

Prom Limo Rentals

If you want to get a limousine to rent, you just need to keep the cost, reputation, safety and convenience of the company and its drivers in mind. Here are some things that you should know when you book your prom limo.

The limo you booked should be cheaper, smarter and faster.

1) You May Want to Skip the Prom Package:

There are some limo companies that have a fixed prom package that can be more costly than the hourly rate. Remember, if you have a  strict budget then you can choose to pay the rent on an hourly basis.
What is included in the prom package? It includes bottled water, red carpet etc. but you can save your money by bringing your own water or food. You can also skip the red carpet but your prom will probably have something similar to that. You can get the limo service of Las Vegas.

2) Consider Damage Fees and Insurance:

In case of an accident you will have to bear the loss. So also consider the damage fees. You can insure the limo is an option for you. Your future planning will save you from any surprise cost later on. If you are in a stretch limo or in stretch hummer then you should need extra care. It is your duty to drive the car very carefully and your responsibility increases when you are not the owner of the car/limo.

3) Think About Safety:

No one wants to ride in a low quality, outdated vehicle. You should make sure that the driver of limo has the proper license and the vehicle is carefully inspected before riding. It was not easy in the past but now with the help of the Internet you can get help from many resources. So thinking about the safety should be your top priority.

4) Save Time With This Limo-Booking Tool:

You can find many limo companies and book your tour. You can get the view of a guy who has this experience but it is not easy to find. You can search on the Google about rent a (stretch limo) limousine but it is very time consuming task because there are many companies and you need to check and compare them with each other.

But don’t worry there is an option of using the online marketplaces like Buster. With the help of this you can find many companies. Please read the reviews and pay online. This is not time consuming task.

5) Book Early:

Prom Limo Rentals

As limos are very limited, there is a possibility that they may not be available. So you need to book early.

You can also have a party bus on rent and book it earlier. Continue reading details at

You should book the limo two or three weeks before the tour to get the vehicle of your choice on time.

Hopefully, these secrets will help you to find the best limo or stretch limo on time and within your budget.

Find a Luxury Limo Service Company for a Special Event

Luxury Limo

Everyone wants to look unique. For this purpose a person will do anything. Luxury limos are liked by everyone. This is perfect for some special events such as weddings, anniversaries and taking you around Carson Valley Luxury real estate. If you need a ride to see Carson Valley homes for sale, then we are close by also!! The luxury limousine will make your date perfect or you can use it for other special purposes. The limos are also present in some new designs such as stretch limos. A long drive in limo is very charming. The price of limo is very high and only some rich people can buy it but don’t worry there are many limo service companies. If you want a luxurious travel then you can hire a limo on rent. If you want to go from airport to house this luxurious car will be the best suited.

Types of Luxury Limousines:

There are many types of luxury limos in the market. These different models of limos range from the Escalade and Hummer to the Excalibur & Rolls Royce. Other types of limos are also held by limo companies such as Lexus, Navigator and BMW. Some classic limos are also available. It doesn’t matter which model you use. Every model gives you a fun and a fantastic drive.
Like other branded cars, limos are also available in several colors, usually black, grey, silver or white. Green and pink colors are also available which look very cool and are beginning to come out in cities such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Need more information? Go to

What Limousine Sizes Are Available

Usually the limo companies have limos that fit a max of 5 or 6 people. Stretch limousine is most popular among all the types of limos. These are very famous and popular because they offer a unique experience of luxury. Stretch hummer is also the best design. In this type of limo 12 to 20 people can sit easily. The price of limos that seat 20 people is very high. No doubt these cars are the best. You can use the limos when you go to other cities.

Las Vegas limo rentals:

There are many companies that you can rent a limo from in Las Vegas. We recommend checking this company out:

They Come With Luxurious Amenities:

The limousines are equipped with many luxurious amenities/facilities such as fiber optics, DVDs, laser light shows, video games system, plasma televisions, full bars, hot tubes, fog machines and much more. These special facilities make the limo very expensive. The limo with more amenities is very expensive. You can also look at the limos that offer everything that nightclubs provide. The limo companies also accept special requests for flowers and balloons. No doubt a stylish and spacious limo will add a special touch to your journey.

Luxury Limo